Doors of 21st Century

WizardHD produces The Doors of the 21st Century “L.A. Woman Live”

This is the tour that never was. The tour that was supposed to happen when Jim came back from Paris. The tour that we were all eagerly anticipating. In May or June of 1971, Jim called John from Europe and asked him how LA Woman was doing. John told him it was doing great and that the critics actually loved it, too. Jim was excited and wanted to go on the road as soon as he got back to the States. The two of them even talked about taking the bass player – Jerry Sheff – on the road with the four original Doors to duplicate the sound of the LP.

Unfortunately, as we all know, on July 3rd, 1971, Jim leapt upward into the loam to join Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix – and the LA Woman tour never happened. We lost a great friend and a great poet, and we never got to play the songs from LA Woman in a live concert setting. But now, finally, we can bring you LA Woman in its entirety! Robby and I as

The Doors of the 21st Century, along with Ian Astbury on lead vocals, Ty Dennis on drums and Angelo Barbera on bass, have recorded the complete album and it is here on this DVD for your insight, pleasure, and discovery – and for our completion. Robby, Ian, and I thank you for Jim. We hope he will be pleased. Songs include: Roadhouse Blues, Break On Through,

When The Music’s Over, Love Me Two Times, Changeling, L’America, Love Her Madly, Down So Long, Hyacinth House, Cars Hiss By My Window, Texas Radio, Riders On The Storm, LA Woman, Light My Fire, Soul Kitchen.


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Dan Barnett – Executive Producer


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